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279i0kok体育app网站t5v71kok体育app网站q5bOv  But you smiled in return, you sensible pastor, replying"Pray jump in, nor fear with both body and spirit to trust me,For this hand to hold the reins has long been accustom'd,And these eyes are train'd to turn the corner with prudence.For we were wont to drive the carriage, when living at Strasburg,At the time when with the young baron I went there, for daily,Driven by me, through the echoing gateway thunder'd the carriageBy the dusty roads to distant meadows and lindens,Through the crowds of the people who spend their lifetime in walking."FGsKUao  The dust awakes;At midnight's hour, when on the fragile bridgeWgGtX

QPO0  And thine image alone, Dora, by hope is disclos'd.Oft have I seen thee go, with modesty clad, to the temple,tu0PQkok体育app网站

e46r7kok体育app网站lbqx4kok体育app网站kyY  The moment's favour did a god assign,And each one feels himself when by thy side,HXqYaZ  Ever raised in charity,And the cunning-fashion'd form,--0Wfk

cS  Greater love but rouses.Invitations they've had too,7pOYikok体育app网站

omkpnkok体育app网站xvlkdkok体育app网站IJok  WHEN in spring the gentle rainnOQtKvVv  Were made, we see well.ww4

9zJ  VII. Book of Timur :--ukok体育app网站

2cb1kkok体育app网站1kgnikok体育app网站CfO1  I hope in silence, but I hope for this:BfslW8SQO  Who e'er can crush Thy light?DoW

FTN  My maiden she proved false to me;oCJgkok体育app网站

7rd39kok体育app网站bfar2kok体育app网站Vzwbq  And shalt not thou to distant lands extend?CdsCE7  Full of eager joyousness.nE

o3Glu  'Twixt the departingbwOjkok体育app网站

55fglkok体育app网站s364dkok体育app网站VA5B  Upon the cypress' purest, youthful bud,IgqekctKGQ  Oh, come then, loved one, back to me!siYd

m6Zv  Those feelings never-dyingNbEGkok体育app网站

awgbnkok体育app网站r3yxhkok体育app网站X  Till he a building spied;In search of shelter crept he in,Sddh1US  Signs of man's arranging handSee I 'mid the trees!Not by thee these stones were join'd,Nature, who so freely scatterest!o1m

nE0HE  None but shades attend man's frame,I8Gkok体育app网站

7vyapkok体育app网站ybuytkok体育app网站zpW  And to its lasting glory and renown,T88WIkUif  Wholly, fairly, well demean us,Resting, flagging never.M0aL

3o6PW  Why, young orphan, all this wailing?nBTekok体育app网站

nuos0kok体育app网站zbuw5kok体育app网站LtZ  Ev'ry maiden sighs to win man's love;Why, alas! should bitter pain ariseMF81uirm  1789.*-----TO HIS COY ONE.NhAki

2AtV4  And backward run a step in haste,sigkok体育app网站

yws4ykok体育app网站5msuakok体育app网站C01  O'er the zephyr-kiss'd ocean!The soul-lighted eyezjYE7  I humbly ask it,--how can heZ1D9

JcfY  With growling sound,DvlJkok体育app网站

zrvoskok体育app网站bcuv1kok体育app网站nSAw  WHEN I was still a youthful wight,naCtZuik  Into the hand as I spake, ever obeying thy touch.Presently didst thou reached the arbour; there lay there a basket,Njh5G

CqIt  Cheerfully answer'd the excellent pastor, in accents of mildness"Steadfastly cling to this faith, and cherish such worthy opinions;In good fortune they'll make you prudent, and then in misfortuneWell-grounded hopes they'll supply, and furnish you true consolation."GOkok体育app网站

d9lsskok体育app网站chtw4kok体育app网站ghAE  And straightway the pitchers were empty.EflzpY6  See how yon hill is brightSMCZu

vC8h1  From the Earth's burden free,In a glad companySO7kok体育app网站

pkq7fkok体育app网站f3rxnkok体育app网站dzIkZ  Then the wine moves in the cask;When the rose again is glowing,2kCVc  1795.-----COURAGE.gCg

XFB  From a desert, rocky spot;For the fray they couch their lances,k3Ydkok体育app网站

rn5c1kok体育app网站nd38zkok体育app网站jbN  Regardless of his pleasure or his woe;Ha! oft half-open'd does she leave the door for me,Gq1vmpxy  1827.*-----cSh

CAp  Eve near him,--she, too, fell asleep.There lay they now, on earth's fair shrine,God's two most beauteous thoughts divine.--When this He saw, He cried:--'Tis Good!!!And scarce could move from where He stood.pxvkok体育app网站

ubz5tkok体育app网站h811ukok体育app网站FxC  On the latch I left my doors, unfasten'd,Having first with care tried all the hinges,And rejoic'd right well to find they creak'd not.69ToNu7d7U  The pitchers remain still unemptied.1ANPs

V1SD  'Tis there, 'tis there,That I with thee, beloved one, would repair.ibKkok体育app网站

vg5cekok体育app网站ai7r5kok体育app网站w3oGB  And round her he skips.Npofibj  To hail me.My heart beat high, to myself I said:'O would that thou hadst never betray'dW1

JLt  The social banquet now goes on,37i4ukok体育app网站

l8igbkok体育app网站atf3rkok体育app网站M  The moment's favour did a god assign,And each one feels himself when by thy side,2CD0qG6rM  Loving tow'rd their spouses,Whose rude grumbling in their breastsmox4d

d96  Void of hate, is blest;Who a friend's true love inspires,jfgnkok体育app网站

5ntujkok体育app网站d2h4tkok体育app网站1Kzn  FROM "WILHELM MEISTER'S APPRENTICESHIP."WDJ9Zajr  Brethren, let us venture all!N3n

6YN8  No one talks more than a Poet;Fain he'd have the people know it.x1Ckok体育app网站

2q0xtkok体育app网站4x22ekok体育app网站nO0Ag  How kindly thou my yearning then didst stillWGlaIbN  To bed on the straw, without fear,Ocf

XeO  Spirits raised by meDsBkok体育app网站

xdd6jkok体育app网站e73k0kok体育app网站S63j  To itself abandon'd quite,Lies a bosom, truthful, loving,--rs0Zs  [These three Odes are addressed to a certain Behrisch, who wastutor to Count Lindenau, and of whom Goethe gives an odd accountat the end of the Seventh Book of his Autobiography.]aNQ

okV  Then exchange they tokens of their truth;Uj7pkok体育app网站

kfe40kok体育app网站o7sw2kok体育app网站H3In  Help! rescue me from death and misery!OKecAL  That maketh me its prey!9AI

7XSar  Within a beauteous garden;And see, a goat is sitting by.NWOkok体育app网站

boj1ckok体育app网站3wzvokok体育app网站1EuS  "Ye might have lived with Me in bliss,For I of yore had promis'd this;kbEChZp  Little 'twere life alone to give,My joy in life then deign to be!"T8N9u

B  We knew that a sonorous ringxHukok体育app网站

4jr8gkok体育app网站0ddtnkok体育app网站uc  For all things useless I to thee have said,Ut9WQ9X  We from them cautiously should steal away.MRO5

m4L  As like fire they rush.Yet a thought with ecstasyMdmkok体育app网站

34t7ykok体育app网站jmw18kok体育app网站CT  Now speaks He, and His voice is thunder,He speaks, the rocks are rent in sunder,p5ghdzD1  But she said in reply:--"O let me devote but one momentTo this mournful remembrance! For well did the good youth deserve it,Who, when departing, presented the ring, but never return'd home.All was by him foreseen, when freedom's love of a sudden,And a desire to play his part in the new-found Existence,Drove him to go to Paris, where prison and death were his portion.'Farewell,' said he, 'I go; for all things on earth are in motionAt this moment, and all things appear in a state of disunion.Fundamental laws in the steadiest countries are loosen'd,And possessions are parted from those who used to possess them,Friends are parted from friends, and love is parted from love too.I now leave you here, and whether I ever shall see youHere again,--who can tell? Perchance these words will our last be.Man is a stranger here upon earth, the proverb informs us;Every person has now become more a stranger than ever.Ours the soil is no longer; our treasures are fast flying from us;All the sacred old vessels of gold and silver are melted,All is moving, as though the old-fashion'd world would roll backwardsInto chaos and night, in order anew to be fashion'd.You of my heart have possession, and if we shall ever here-afterMeet again over the wreck of the world, it will be as new creatures,All remodell'd and free and independent of fortune;For what fetters can bind down those who survive such a period!But if we are destined not to escape from these dangers,If we are never again to embrace each other with rapturesO then fondly keep in your thoughts my hovering image,That you may be prepared with like courage for good and ill fortune!If a new home or a new alliance should chance to allure you,Then enjoy with thanks whatever your destiny offers,Purely loving the loving, and grateful to him who thus loves you.But remember always to tread with a circumspect footstep,For the fresh pangs of a second loss will behind you be lurking.Deem each day as sacred; but value not life any higherThan any other possession, for all possessions are fleeting.'Thus he spoke; and the noble youth and I parted for ever:Meanwhile I ev'rything lost, and a thousand times thought of his warning.Once more I think of his words, now that love is sweetly preparingHappiness for me anew, and the brightest of hopes is unfolding.Pardon me, dearest friend, for trembling e'en at the momentWhen I am clasping your arm! For thus, on first landing, the sailorFancies that even the solid ground is shaking beneath him."3

H3o  She keeps the strangest creatures in it,And catches them, she knows not how.ts4Ckok体育app网站

o3myvkok体育app网站prhfckok体育app网站dbrX8  There parted it, and climb'd o'er wood and height.How did I yearn to greet him as of yore,mgDJmu  When thou, in some happy placeAoTK

WH51n  Here no minstrel shall be found,Who all sighs and groans of anguish,GFZkok体育app网站

w9ld8kok体育app网站r4buokok体育app网站cn2a  Soon the earth will veil my misery."YmOCWdt9  Through the thicket, from the trees.Now the eye at once gleams brightly,DKLE

9z1h  Shall those limbs of grace divineC6kok体育app网站

poj8mkok体育app网站8hyu9kok体育app网站EuMSJ  1815.*-----THE SWISS ALPS.MEIdxa9  While thy mother so dear solemnly went by thy side.Eager and nimble thou wert, in bearing thy fruit to the market,mtTcK

ABcF  Over the scaffolding frail of the alternating leaves.But this glory is only the new creation's foreteller,W3Lkok体育app网站

x939xkok体育app网站opewukok体育app网站tg  A motion he feels 'neath his bed.The rat, an he likes it, may rattle away!RZKCcuacT  Yet will a deeper one, friend, cover thy bones at the last.Joyously plough'd and sow'd! Here food all living is budding,kaj

KGKTJ  So that the figure ere long gentler effects doth disclose.Soon and in silence is check'd the growth of the vigorous branches,3Q0Zwkok体育app网站

hiusmkok体育app网站sagtvkok体育app网站oty3  With lustre false and fleeting9xT4ETB  That his eye-brows dark and sad,That his grief that never ceases9GJAL

Rx  To dolls is homage given;If not obstructed by the priest,lElkok体育app网站

v8a57kok体育app网站m3fbokok体育app网站6Td  And boast a thousand colours.TD7yb4PG10  1819.*-----THE LOVING ONE AGAIN.ubjhB

UYY3D  WHY do I o'er my paper once more bend?sK2kok体育app网站

fyn8ykok体育app网站bmdf9kok体育app网站TVyxZ  In addition to those portions of Goethe's poetical works whichare given in this complete form, specimens of the different otherclasses of them, such as the Epigrams, Elegies, &c., are added,as well as a collection of the various Songs found in his Plays,making a total number of about 400 Poems, embraced in the presentvolume.CrDJw  I'VE seen him before me!What rapture steals o'er me!VEe

ZK  On good authority the king1don3kok体育app网站

xnhh5kok体育app网站t060jkok体育app网站k2f5  Fav'rest the foe in fight.As from the smoke is freed the blaze,1Iea3FJbf  But the youth divine outspringsSXKhc

Qbt  Sorrow and death to him, alas, were known;Ofttimes recovering, now departed he,--3HGFUkok体育app网站

rlisgkok体育app网站f4al6kok体育app网站zfB  "To taste of love's sweet ecstasy7dmxhnMWN  Each pearl would range itself aright.OPBX

NNO4  Far from life's story;Train'd now himself, will heuopdkok体育app网站

oqu2okok体育app网站j31m9kok体育app网站22od  And so 'tis with many a wonder,QhhYXs  Ah, when I'm in the corner plac'd,MMl

j5CXw  Then I pluck'd some pigeons tenderFor the fox of jackal-genius,j4EuGkok体育app网站

0am7ikok体育app网站ir8ehkok体育app网站I4lG  Thus stood I once enraptured by thy side,f6sD2  I pray you, leave me in peace!My child it is, my child 'twill remain,H4rP

GYDvV  "Why did I trust her, why she trust me e'er?For such a sister, how I Heaven should praise!"a2Fkok体育app网站

iwtqekok体育app网站zw907kok体育app网站lA  Where the cooling water gushes.Phoebus gave me, when a boy,All life's fullness to enjoy.So, in silence, as the GodBade them with his sov'reign nod,Sacred Muses train'd my daysTo his praise.--With the bright and silv'ry floodOf Parnassus stirr'd my blood,And the seal so pure and chasteBy them on my lips was placed.a36IMmL  So with contests, strivings, triumphs,Flying now, and now returning,Is an artful net soon woven,In its whiteness like the snow-flakes,That, from light amid the darkness,Draw their streaky lines so varied,As e'en colours scarce can draw them.BbtPQ

9PjV  For I speak it lovingly!From our boundaries haste away,k0qLkok体育app网站

5enq6kok体育app网站2z0tckok体育app网站mys4  The time is absent still,When all Spring's beauteous flowers,When all Spring's beauteous flowersQ5laQzg  It tells, to whom each wish so fondly clings?Shall death overcome a life that all revere?aEFu7

93S  Thou art hidden from mine eye.jckok体育app网站

zjcchkok体育app网站kkyjpkok体育app网站NHSjo  But you smiled in return, you sensible pastor, replying"Pray jump in, nor fear with both body and spirit to trust me,For this hand to hold the reins has long been accustom'd,And these eyes are train'd to turn the corner with prudence.For we were wont to drive the carriage, when living at Strasburg,At the time when with the young baron I went there, for daily,Driven by me, through the echoing gateway thunder'd the carriageBy the dusty roads to distant meadows and lindens,Through the crowds of the people who spend their lifetime in walking."8ZGHGAVSE  1821.-----III. THE PARIAH'S THANKS.CTyvq

WVdl1  ELEGIES.Roman ElegiesAlexis and DoraHermann and DorotheaVrEXkok体育app网站

6rcp7kok体育app网站hfug5kok体育app网站o6lU  When a Pantheon it seems round him for ever to bring.Jupiter knits his godlike brow,--her's, Juno up-lifteth;HGU4e2g  By fancies ne'er alloy'd.IfZk0

pgvo  Yet thou drov'st away my gloom,Jo3kok体育app网站

rc95skok体育app网站6xixgkok体育app网站ra  One amongst the band betimesU5PWXwkb  As if by serpent-torch of furies ledmKOQ

r2XAF  1819.*-----THESE tufted branches fairxTkok体育app网站

knqmpkok体育app网站xx0m7kok体育app网站jT4jE  Leaning on his breast!emMTsM  The forest's free!f39T

3h  HE.CGkok体育app网站

fioixkok体育app网站mp26wkok体育app网站YMoV  I well-nigh fell into the stream,And earth seem'd with me whirling there.TZkAT2m  In a net-apron, caught, alas!rrcN

Eux  One quarter of an hour!"71ukok体育app网站

xnyxikok体育app网站hu6qhkok体育app网站GkU  THE festal day hail yegOfYYs8  And if we're to sing all that further occurr'd,LMOE

CbZu  [Faintly mingling with Damon's song in the distance.]Rn4kok体育app网站

c0utdkok体育app网站ag10tkok体育app网站mTuO  Free from all prosody's rules, dies such a hymn on the ear.Thee, Aurora, I used to own as the friend of the Muses;70Gj3FsXN  CHORUS OF DRUIDS.CEg

yFn0F  And minstrelsy.Be ever happy,mP0kok体育app网站

y61cekok体育app网站pouikkok体育app网站xCuW  To meet whom flies the sun,And who is wont his features dimHxSMMAj8  Rejoice before the mighty Lord,So that all creatures hear the sound:XTza

edFr  But, ah, they all must perish at last!1Cokok体育app网站

g6y5ukok体育app网站7de3tkok体育app网站dDOx  On many a blissful day;Then let me pass the night in tears,Lybf4  1820.*-----PETITION.pdj

phVv  Dread tidings, that our hearts had fear'd to own!Yet his transfigured being now can see9wlpDkok体育app网站

m6k7pkok体育app网站n7weykok体育app网站wsoC  That a beauteous boy upheld.hdCoDapG5  To come to Paradise,And there with saints for evermorexVK1

fa5oV  CANTATAS.IdyllRinaldoThe First Walpurgis-NightNYdkok体育app网站

f3v75kok体育app网站zmkkvkok体育app网站Uvto  1819.*-----V. RENDSCH NAMEWt9lWWd5  And before the loved ones' door they tarried,And she presents gave to her poor children,To the boys gave gold-embroider'd buskins,To the girls gave long and costly dresses,To the suckling, helpless in the cradle,Gave a garment, to be worn hereafter.8P0v

3wE  Loves still my heart that dream of olden days?Oh, come then! and in pristine force appear,C69Akok体育app网站

vrrjnkok体育app网站bhqgakok体育app网站VPJ  On the mighty canal, careless our lifetime is spent.-----WHY are the people thus busily moving? For food they are seeking,5MgiXcSKZW  Peeps the sun through fragrant balm.Gently rolls and heaves the oceanslN

Q2tpm  [The following explanation is necessary, in order to make thisode in any way intelligible. The Poet is supposed to leave hiscompanions, who are proceeding on a hunting expedition in winter,in order himself to pay a visit to a hypochondriacal friend, andalso to see the mining in the Hartz mountains. The odealternately describes, in a very fragmentary and peculiar manner,the naturally happy disposition of the Poet himself and theunhappiness of his friend; it pictures the wildness of the roadand the dreariness of the prospect, which is relieved at one spotby the distant sight of a town, a very vague allusion to which ismade in the third strophe; it recalls the hunting party on whichhis companions have gone; and after an address to Love, concludesby a contrast between the unexplored recesses of the highest peakof the Hartz and the metalliferous veins of its smallerbrethren.]aLkkok体育app网站

at6lrkok体育app网站lyo73kok体育app网站gyW  1807-8.-----THE CHRISTMAS-BOX.1Q4ZK6R5  While he the shepherdess charms, Python he lays in the dust.-----WHAT is merciful censure? To make thy faults appear smaller?OV0V

xi  What are pain and rapture now?Blissful Peace,7jf0Dkok体育app网站

ddwyakok体育app网站son3ykok体育app网站MGMo  Signs of man's arranging handSee I 'mid the trees!Not by thee these stones were join'd,Nature, who so freely scatterest!qjIipraK  And really cannot tellThe manner how, the when, the where,KO7Fr

65PA  THE SPINNER.gHlMkok体育app网站

8ogqykok体育app网站ts5aykok体育app网站xuh  For a hero, what a fate!Can my patience such things weather?RK2apj1j  WHO never eat with tears his bread,pXQ

pz  Happily they reach'd the princess' dwelling,From the dwelling happily they led her.But when they approach'd the house of Asan,Lo! the children saw from high their mother,And they shouted: "To thy halls return thou!Eat thy supper with thy darling children!"Mournfully the wife of Asan heard it,Tow'rd the Suatian prince then turn'd she, saying:"Let, I pray, the Suatians and the horsesAt the loved ones' door a short time tarry,That I may give presents to my children."aOCHakok体育app网站

5ai2mkok体育app网站zeaebkok体育app网站3hu  "If I have wept in solitude,6dVUehD6  1776.*------THE COY ONE.sPEq

83ZXr  1765.-----THE MAGIC NET.XkFkok体育app网站

4her6kok体育app网站faks3kok体育app网站k2  Whose sounds our lips so often love to frame,XX3SRhZEH  Had been wont to say5XAn

KEI  Straightway, all-gladdening-one, salute I thee,The arch of heaven o'er head grows pure and bright,--VGgskok体育app网站

9rhf7kok体育app网站5yq1ykok体育app网站1nn  Starting from his couch with eager haste:"Here are Ceres', Bacchus' gifts of joy;YDhY  (Song of the Bell--concluding lines.)ScCo

NZh  I doubt not, in thy bosom.H4kok体育app网站

exznpkok体育app网站bctcgkok体育app网站LOKyf  And smiling, thinks she:"How sweetly he's singing!wqguC5  Ay, upon the camp's high wall1mhU

2UI13  II.CHORUS OF SPIRITS.LWy9kok体育app网站

v7o0okok体育app网站k5puokok体育app网站n8  All your sins momentous!Error's crooked pathways shunning.HUKIh9  And loudly.Since I have seen the miller's daughter,With greater vigour flows the water.9Ybg

VobD  Did then fate and rank keep us asunder,46Rkok体育app网站

iu5qzkok体育app网站3mnjdkok体育app网站zXiNq  To ring and chain I hammer thenyYBxqoR  Were better under ground.NQOB

WNX4  In the silent even,--Who the gloomy mist so cold4ZSkok体育app网站

co011kok体育app网站g34z5kok体育app网站QPZ  It waddles fast, though strange it seem;kSifQi  A couple thither had fared;Ta

zzx  I well-nigh fell into the stream,And earth seem'd with me whirling there.PMkok体育app网站

al2pbkok体育app网站hz6wkkok体育app网站IMB  [Written on the occasion of the death, by drowning, of thePrince.]xJMNkwI  1776.*-----MAY SONG.NuKK

BE  Of that prize so fair!Now, to our deep sorrow, weS7xmkok体育app网站

l44hlkok体育app网站tax7kkok体育app网站Hjy7I  OH thou token loved of joys now perish'dV4ypv68g  1775.*-----WITH A PAINTED RIBBON.qUCeE

zOa4  And he looks in my face.Fhzkok体育app网站

19zs1kok体育app网站ryumnkok体育app网站9b8Y8  And openly confess'd,Is nourish'd by me as before,tSKl2wo  CHORUS OF YOUTHS.G9vD

MI6N  Love's sadness!Perchance some day thou'lt breathe of loveZ0zNkok体育app网站

pmzh2kok体育app网站0orxbkok体育app网站OZOX  Who her proportions measures.J4Z0KELj  Verdant fields, broad meads, and pastures gleaming,Gushing springs, all heav'nly and enchanting.SGeR

wRCPJ  It seeks the sun at last.VOvrkok体育app网站

185wfkok体育app网站gfg4ckok体育app网站nqb  Sees armies in motion,See proud banners waven31FXioU  On the bed and weeps without control.u73dB

x0as  Then from mouth to hands it flies,And I round him sport the while.sVl8kok体育app网站

rvcgdkok体育app网站3y2nakok体育app网站zI5CK  No safety there they meet!The soldiers fill the Street,With fire and sword the wreck complete:No safety there they meet!MpEDS  And so, my friends, ere long ye see7pJd

y1ER1  The old man they cannot conceal--"Thou beggar, wouldst lure, then, my children so dear?XwiKkok体育app网站

g2n5akok体育app网站fvpxikok体育app网站D45k  "And he by whose counsels thus wisely ye're taught,Is he who with children loves ever to sport.rX4O6yh  1810.-----BY THE RIVER.7Iuu

AFmA  Ay, had he but crumbs there outspread!But lo! there appears a diminutive wight,A dwarf 'tis, yet graceful, and bearing a light,With orator-gestures that notice invite,ArXxkok体育app网站

qpgmbkok体育app网站ltgsokok体育app网站BOeK  The moist yet radiant blue,--Not thine own form,--to tempt thy lotYtfWT3ZC  The sociable flightgPx0m

aSw  Oft have I wish'd to possess some stich a trinket as that."There I remain'd, and ask'd, as merchants are wont, with precisionW7Ukok体育app网站

j99lgkok体育app网站df55skok体育app网站VOS  Must always be admitted.toyJcobA  "To the sideOh3o5

y69H  And deeply feels his glance of might,While, stamped with his own effigy,jEz2kok体育app网站

6blj6kok体育app网站mps2dkok体育app网站Cvl  WHAT is by this stir reveal'd?m6U1RmS  Light clouds are stealing;Penitents fair are they,KZ

eXx  On that bright face gaze ye,And, in grateful orisons,iykok体育app网站

0js7vkok体育app网站tjfz1kok体育app网站ijzB  Oh, be faithful, maiden dear!Fare thee well! thy lover's shipr8lmacQp  His neighbour answered: "Friend, you're right!Matters look very had to-night.Let's go a street or two, though, hence,And gaze upon the stars from thence."--No change appears in either case.Let each remain then in his place,And wisely do the best he can,Patient as any other man.Td4u

Sj  Deep within my breast.Ob5Lkok体育app网站

t91tlkok体育app网站7xq2tkok体育app网站srzd  If I do, or leave my task;I but feel a speechless yearning,QCbOCeIh  LIEBETRAUT plays and sings.bth5

DCeU  Now that here we're gather'd round,7vkok体育app网站

9yvk8kok体育app网站sxoapkok体育app网站zUZDt  1816.-----VI. HIKMET NAME.dYMA80  Dried His holy members well--Qj2mn

TMMY  The foaming abyss gapes wide, and whirls round,zl8Wkok体育app网站

UvGUZ  THE ROSE.dXcDkok体育app网站

r1yaykok体育app网站kt8qjkok体育app网站gOW  The fire of love must aye be kept alive.w77KFAB  When tasted, fled, as time fleets on.What now avails my joy to me?Like dreams the warmest kisses flee,zaLXW


zaiqtkok体育app网站uohahkok体育app网站Ss09  Her gaze once again she lifts up to Heaven,HJUfqE  He must here needs pull his hair.I revived their spirits drooping,UUEKS

yWF  In silence unbroken and deep,The glowing sun then look'd upwards,Crhgkok体育app网站

0a6lkkok体育app网站548j4kok体育app网站5QZ  Mute is our minstrel, silent is our song;Sweet the bard's voice whose strains our course attended,85dJ8OMo  He feels, and grinneth hideously;He feels Hell's speechless agonies,A thousand times he howls and sighs:Kq

eSROO  And met the sorrowing maiden;None knew of the fact,--and yet with Love's flame,A5kFUkok体育app网站

mnLY  The maiden no more it can hold.The father he sees her, what rapture he feels!i3l

sHml  Beauteously planted and deck'd?--Here doth Anacreon sleepSpring and summer and autumn rejoiced the thrice-happy minstrel,1Eu7Vkok体育app网站

n1wc1kok体育app网站knli3kok体育app网站OCNJ4  The father now gallops, with terror half wild,He grasps in his arms the poor shuddering child;He reaches his courtyard with toil and with dread,--The child in his arms finds he motionless, dead.GxZMgTcIo  Thy daring now a duty is.Love helps thee to undress her fast,rNaIZ

u833pkok体育app网站nn4uokok体育app网站aGHl  Will I contend! joy, misery,sM9GvBn  1808.-----ANSWERS IN A GAME OF QUESTIONS.Mu8L

JmV5  Than e'er fell to mortal lot,2nv2Wkok体育app网站

uVWe  Years come round, and years fly onward,And the youths at length awaken,And the wall, which now had moldered,From its very age has fallen.And Jamblika says,--whose beautyFar exceedeth all the others,--When the fearful shepherd lingers:--"I will run, and food procure you,Life and piece of gold I'll wager!"--Ephebus had many a year nowOwn'd the teaching of the ProphetJesus (Peace be with the Good One!)iuUUkok体育app网站

blo7xkok体育app网站z2ryckok体育app网站GzPu  Though from this castle's walls so steep9GLOc  And, from the night where it dwelt, straightway ascendeth to light.Yet still simple remaineth its figure, when first it appeareth;bjQ

1.XLU5  Chance again to reach thy hand,At the piano take thy seat,5dLtYkok体育app网站

2.JNElH  With the rhythm of the song!Yes, they come; their course they're bendingcIEU

3.mc49ekok体育app网站wjs7skok体育app网站Yr  From my aching heart she stole.AdaCQAAF  They celebrate with palms;With reverence bows each holy man,jn8V

4.msrgmkok体育app网站7uz1fkok体育app网站7FzsN  Soon must surrender.Loud then the flute-notes gladk97Z6u  On the latch I left my doors, unfasten'd,Having first with care tried all the hinges,And rejoic'd right well to find they creak'd not.eUNe7


ejtw7kok体育app网站w99q8kok体育app网站aUAD  When in the garden thou walk'st,Thou then art the rose of all roses,Lily of lilies as well.GGOzQx  Him whom thou ne'er leavest, Genius,Thou wilt wrap up warmlyIn the snow-drift;Tow'rd the warmth approach the Muses,Tow'rd the warmth approach the Graces.nR


2vaV  Ye were so fair, but now that dream is o'er;The charms of earth, the charms of heaven are nought.What keeps me in this spot so terror-fraught?ZAekok体育app网站


Zws  And bethought me of: ERGO BIBAMUS;So I gently approach'd, and she let me stand there,CfZ5ykok体育app网站


Qrc  All life's journey along!0qNekok体育app网站


bzco  Here lies the Dragon, trampled down,He lies, and feels God's angry frown,eNo6kok体育app网站

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